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Architectural monuments of Velikij Ustyug
The Assumption cathedral. XVII–XIХ st.

Velikij Ustjug is named "The open-air museum" that is truth. Churches and monasteries, civil buildings of the city are the monuments of Russian architecture and history. The most of them belong to museum. At the beginning of the XXI century the Museum has 26 monuments. Assumption and St.Prokopij cathedrals, cathedrals of the Trinity monastery in Gleden and the Michael Archangel monastery, churches of Ascension, St.Simeon, St.Nicholas and in Dymkovo village are the most interesting monuments which we recommend to visit.

There are different exposition in Usov`s house and in churches of Ascension, Nicola and Myrrh-bearing women. Some of monuments - Assumption cathedrals, the Trinity monastery in Gleden and the Michael Archangel monastery - you can examine only outside.

Both the Museum and believers are responsible for keeping Prokopij cathedral and Simeon`s church in a good condition.

You can use the interactive map of Velikij Ustjug  for looking up how monuments are placed.

The church of myrrh-bearing women. 1714.

The merchant G.Usov house. The Cathedral of St.Prokopij. 1668. The Ascension church. ХVII c.


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