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Folk art of the Ustyug area
Constant exposition of a museum.

In 1986 after work in a building of Nikolsky church museum expositions have been opened: on the second floor the museum showroom has taken places, and on the first the exposition «The Folk art of the Ustyug area» has been developed. Today here - an ethnography museum. Rich share collections have ed to show a variety of a folk art of Ustjuzhsky edge HVII - beginnings ХХ century.

Unsurpassed skill have shown skilled workers in браном weaving which differed riches of an ornament and an exclusive colour saturation. Towels, aprons, наплечные kerchiefs, shirts, decorated belts the patterns executed by red, white cotton threads or colour гарусом. Orange, yellow, green, dark blue, violet tone gave to fabrics strongly pronounced decorative effect. The technics of execution has caused geometrical character of an ornament. Patterns were made of rhombuses, triangles, crosses. Often the composition joined images of gentlemen and young ladies, birds, horses, horsemen that was feature устюжского браного weaving. People believed, that patterns bear in themselves kindly and well-being, preserve the person against harm.

Thin art taste the embroidery устюжских skilled workers differed. Using white and colour to intertwine, a cross, platform, верхошов. In an ornament of patterns of towels and подзоров fantastically beautiful vegetative motives, images of female figures, leopards, deer, birds.
Female celebratory suit. XIX century

All the ways long ornaments of fabrics have found reflexion in a dress. At an exhibition celebratory female suits ХIХ - beginnings ХХ are presented in, kept traditions of the national Russian clothes, which incomparable magnificence allocated with true beauty each girl, each woman. Celebratory suits from silk and полупарчевых fabrics with precious headdresses, breast and cervical ornaments, pearl earrings are especially beautiful. Bandaging maiden, a wreath, коруна, a white scarf with a gold blossoming bush, a kokoshnik шиты gold and silver threads, pearls, nacreous dies, a beads, bugles.

Universal distribution on устюжской to the earth was received by art processing of a tree. Masters applied выемчатую, a volume, through carving, a list and раскраску. The majority of the subjects presented at an exhibition, are connected with flax processing, weaving, clothes sewing - distaffs, pulled out, details of a weaver's camp, швейки, рубели. Harmony of forms, smoothness of a silhouette ladles-giants, ladles-fruit liqueurs, solonitsy-utitsy differ. Gingerbread boards which served as the form for «spice-cakes printing» testify To high culture of woodcarving.

In an ethnography Museum the corner of an interior of a country log hut is recreated. An input in голбец, doors, опечье, заборки, cases-postavtsy, a cradle, chests, celebratory arches, distaffs are decorated bright flower кистевой by a list which widely occurred in decorative furniture of country log huts that testified to a prosperity and well-being of a family.

Ustjuzhsky masters «… were able to do any forge business». Shod and просечные a gate well-known устюжские chests, caskets with просечными iron overlays, arms, светцы differ art expressiveness and surprising plasticity.

In an exposition a various pottery is shown also: корчаги, кринки, beer bowls, pots, vessels for tar.

The products exhibited at the Museum of ethnography, testify to riches of art culture of Russian people, about talent of masters of Great Ustyug.

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Гребень. XVIII в.

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