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The Cathedral of St.Prokopij
General view of cathedral of St.Prokopij.

Near Assumption cathedral is situated St. Prokopij cathedral. Prokopij the Righteous is the patron of Velikij Ustjug. He was born in Germany and had been merchant before came to Russia. There he decided to become orthodox. He famous because of a lot of miracles which he made. Once he prayed to Holy Virgin to keep the people and the city when the big stone cloud came to Velikij Ustjug. The city could be destroyed because of big stones. And after his prayer this cloud went away and Velikij Ustjug survived.

Prokopij the Righteous is the main Holy man in Velikij Ustjug. His grave is under the floor of this cathedral. The first church - 1471 - over his grave was wooden and was named St. Boris and Gleb and St. George. The second church was wooden too and was built after the city fire in 1495 and was named Prokopij of Ustjug.

In 1668 was built the stone church with the bell tower. One of the merchants of Velikij Ustjug - Afanasij Guselnikov - gave a money for this.

There is the fine carved gilt iconostasis which was made at the first half of XVIII century. There are a lot of icons which represent icon art of Velikij Usyjug in XVII - XVIII centuries. All of them were restored in 80 - 90 years of XX century.

At this time the cathedral belongs both to the Museum and to community of believers.

Cathedral of St.Prokopij. Domes.
Cathedral of St.Prokopij. Iconostasis.
The icon "The prayer of Prokopij to Holy Virgin". 1602 г.

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Вялов К. "Дадим фронту больше танков". 1942 г.

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