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Trinity mon. in Gleden

Trinity monastery in Gleden situated not far from Ustjug - about 5 km - near Morozovica village on high hill where Sukhona and Yug rivers confluence. Prince Wsevolod Bolshoe Gnezdo (Big Nest) built city Gleden at the end of XII century. About this time was founded Trinity monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in Russian North.

We have not enough information about this city. It is said Gleden was rich and famous and it was the reason of its death because of Tartar invasion. In fact Gleden was demolished as the result of battle between Russian princes. City was not reconstructed but Trinity monastery was.

This monastery had seen a lot of events, which were there. It survived during Peter I and Cathrin II reforms and was closed in 1841. In 1912 it was opened as nunnery and closed completely in 1925. After this time buildings of monastery were used as orphanage and houses for aged people. Since the beginning of 1980 the monastery is the part of the museum.

The ensemble of monastery was created between the end of XVII century and the middle of XVIII century. Many of rich merchants of Velikij Ustjug gave money for Trinity cathedral other churches and buildings were built later. The stone wall was not built completely because the monastery had not enough money. It is said this ensemble is one of the most perfect in Russian North.

The monastery famous because of the carved gilt iconostasis of Trinity cathedral, which is one of the finest in Ustjug. The icons were made by local painters and they look like Italian ones that is unusual. There are a lot of wooden sculptures that is unusual for Russian Orthodoxy too. This fine iconostasis was revived in the 1970-th.

You can see this ensemble outside every day. Trinity cathedral is opened only in the summer.


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