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Church of theophany
 Церковь Богоявления.Общий вид с восточной стороны.

The Church of theophany (Bogojavlensky) is constructed in 1687-1689 under Alexander's of the archbishop Velikoustjuzhsky and Totemsky. This church has been constructed as a warm temple of the Ioannovsky cathedral on a place of the wooden temple with the same name and basically follows its general composition. From all buildings Old Cathedral square this church has least undergone changes and up to now has kept the initial shape. Unpretentious architectural forms of a temple (simple shovels on corners, ridge eaves, small kokoshniks in end and аркатура on a neck of dome) as well as possible testify to chamber character of the temple serving daily needs Old Cathedral square. Already in a XVIII-th century of the master have tried to give churches remembered shape, having decorated its two windows on a southern facade exaggeratedly with large platbands from multi-colour  tiles.

Now in a monument there is a small showroom of Velikoustjugsky memorial estate. To winter time in it it is spent Christmas representation for children of the russian Christmas.


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