Museum of Velikij Ustyug

The museum of Velikij Ustyug
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Недоступен ни однин перевод. Интерактивное занятие для детей. В Детском музейном центре Великого Устюга появилась … первобытная пещера. Новая интерактивная экспозиция «Искусство первобытного общ...

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The main building of the museum on quay Sukhona river

The main building of the museum on quay Sukhona river

We invite you to virtual excursion in the museum of Velikij Ustjug in which you will know a history of his creation, you will see churches and buildings of Velikij Ustjug, in which are placed expositions and exhibitions of a museum. You will know about special offers for children.

The time of the foundation of a museum we could count 1910. Then, in a monastery of Archangel Mikhail was opened the first museum of city. It was based on church treasury ("drevnekhranilische"). After revolution of 1917, as well as in other cities of Russia, in Velikij Ustjug there was a union of people who followed communist ideology. They ruined churches and destroyed icons and books. And in November 1918 the intellectuals of city decided to create the Museum of Severodvinsk culture because of danger of destruction for unique things. The first director of the museum was Nikolaj G. Bekrjashev. Together with the colleagues he was rescuing icons, documents and churches. They organised special expedition for research villages near Velikij Ustjug. They rescued a lot of things, but unfortunately not all. Nikolaj Bekrjashev in 1938 was arrested and next year died in Onega prison. In 2000 inhabitants of city expressed their gratitude to him and gave him a rank the honorary citizen of Velikij Ustjug.

The museum Local Lore in 1988 has received the status of a museum - reserve. There are more than 90 thousands exhibits. Many of them are unique. The collection of icons, books, local art crafts is the pride of a museum. In halls of a museum more 10 new exhibitions annually open, the expositions are constantly updated. There are some exhibitions in other buildings, which were built in 17-18 centuries.

Today in the museum there are many new forms of work. You can see the unique collection of New Year toys. Each year at Christmas the museum organizes the performance, which tells children about Christmas.


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